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  1. G

    Ecx ruckus 1/10: wheels don’t move with resistance

    Hi, i have the above truck...actually two. One of the trucks won’t move on the ground but the motor will increase in rpm’s. When I lift it off the ground the wheels will spin appropriately albeit perhaps slower. Does my description make sense?
  2. weave

    ECX Axe

    Hey guys, just got my hands on the New ECX T.S.F.D AXE Monster Truck and love it. If you like your AMP you will like the AXE. Horizon is slowly making improvements on there low end trucks. They have gone to the Spectrum radios and receivers and the the battery compartment is separate from the...
  3. MaX-D

    ECX Brutus Monster Truck

    Coming soon from ECX is the 1/10th scaled Brutus Monster Truck. The Brutus has a nicely scaled body that looks just like the full sized Brutus. Soon you will be able to drive the rc version in your own backyard! The Brutus comes on ECX’s highly capable 2wd 1/10 off-road chassis and comes...