1/10 2WD Torment low voltage shutoff

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I upgraded to a Traxxas Titan 550 motor after the original equipment motor stopped working. Soon after the upgrade the ESC crapped out. Installed a new ESC, same one that came with the truck. I'm now experiencing what seems to be an early low voltage shut down. I have a battery voltage checker, and check battery voltage all the time. Before the new motor and ESC, she would slow down at around 7.4 - 7.6. Now its slowing down around 8.04 -8.08. Is there a way to adjust the ESC? Or is there another reason it's slowing down early? I'm getting much shorter runs. I understand the new motor is using more power, but it's slowing down with usable power still available in the batteries. 3 newer batteries with the same results. Any suggestions are much appreciated. Thank you for accepting me to the ECX FORUM.


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There are a couple different ESCs, can you post your specific model of Torment? Or your specific ESC number?


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Try to check the voltage while the wheels are turning and move the steering. What might happen is that when you check the voltage with battery unplugged it seems fine, but while the motor and all the other components are operating the voltage might dip below the LVC. If you can put some strain on the wheels to simulate traction. I had the same problem and the cause was one of the 2 cells was dipping below 3.4V and caused the LVC to kick in. When checking the battery it still reads 7.8V.


Hi all, I got exactly the same problem. I just upgraded mine as well today with a motor Radient Metric 12t, the truck runs awesome 43km/h, but the running time dropped significantly, almost 70% less than before. After disconnecting the battery and connect again the car runs fast again. Can the fact that the motor is brand new? Or maybe excess of temperature in the ESC or the motor? Any experience with the ESC Dynamite WP60A using a T12 motor?

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