For Sale 1/10 Torment and Amp Bundle


Hey All,

So life has gotten in the way of my R/C'ing for the meantime and I would like to sell some stuff to get some more space in my new apartment. Here is a list of everything I can think of now I'm trying to sell it all as one bundle just to make it easier.

K&N Torment 2WD w/ stock radio (everything stock w/ stripped spur gear)
Brushless AMP w/ stock radio (3100kv no name brushless system, RPM front/rear arms, T Bone front/rear bumpers)
4 Lipo batteries (1800 maH, 5000 maH, 2x 4000 maH)
3 balance chargers (the lipo chargers that charge via the balance plug)
Track tool set (mini allens, tire wrenches, mini screwdrivers)
Misc stock parts (spare tranny gears, suspension mounting pieces, steering knuckles, rear carriers, stock amp motor, camber links) all for either Amp or Torment
Mini vertical toolbox to carry everything in.

The body on the AMP is beat but usable and the body on the Torment is scraped a bit from flipping over but no cracks or anything.

I can upload some pictures later if you want to see everything, I'm at work right now.

I'm looking to get $250 shipped for everything just to get it gone quick. Paypal preferred. I live in MD if local is an option for you, willing to meet within a reasonable distance.

Let me know if you have any questions!



Updated with pics and added info:

So I have 5 batteries

2-5000 maH

And the Torment has and BoomRacing aluminum mid skid plate and front bumper bracket, other than that it is stock.

The Amp also has a metal gear servo, metal servo arm and RPM steering rack, the controller has a little corrosion from batteries sitting in the controller but I tested it and everything works.


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I know this hasn't been touched since August last year but wanted to poke it and see if there was any chance it wasn't sold yet :)