For Sale 1/18 ECX Ruckus for sale (needs Rear diff)


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I drove this thing lightly till the rear diff went out, I love driving it but seeing the part that stripped out and knowing I have to buy the whole assembled diff is deal breaky for me. It’s in great shape otherwise, runs as is, just lags cause it’s basically 2wd. What would you pay? I have the blue metal upgrade shocks and 2 nimh batteries for it. The metal shaft that goes into the diff has stripped out the back of the gear that it goes into. Maybe there’s a fix? I’m not in love with working on RC. Maybe you can exploit my laziness and/or naïveté. Make an offer! I paid about 160$ for all this. 2938077C-5409-48E3-A75C-136983A16808.jpeg 228BC462-5B4A-4748-A42B-715F1E949578.jpeg

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