2wd Torment - upgrades engine bearings - reduced gearing recommendations

Torment 2.0

I am looking to upgrade the engine bearings to stainless steel or ceramic hybrid. I'm also looking into reducing the gearing from stock. Does anyone have any recommendations on any of these from experience? Thanks
I am unsure about upgraded bearings but when you take the armature/rotor out of the motor, be very careful not to tear the layer of fibreglass or whatever the rotor mags are wrapped in because I did that with a taser 3300kv and the layer of fibreglass tape or whatever material got ripped and the magnets would come off the shaft and destroy the motor....

As for the gearing, I assume your going for more low end acceleration by reducing the gear ratio... so.. I would consider looking for lower PITCH gears such as 32p rather than 48p(stock). I stripped more 48p gears than you could shake a stick at... never once stripped a 32p....

good luck

PS the motor bearings should be fine unless they get continuously wet and not dried correctly.
I just put FastEddy Bearings all through my 2wd Torment and I definitely noticed a difference!!!! They are very easy to do. The tranny takes the most time of course,but they were definitely worth the $20.

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