4x4 1/10 Torment Wheel hexes


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Hey guys, I’ve just ordered my second set of 12mm hexes hoping that they would fit my 4X4 torment but the inner diameter is too small. Ive measured the inner diameter of the hexes and it seems that the ones I need are 6mm but the only ones I can find are 5mm. Any ideas where I can get replacement ones? I’ve looked everywhere and can’t seem to find any information.
Tekno RC 5571A on Amazon. Just put them on my Ruckus. I was told a Himoto E10 was the same chassis if you want to order ones specifically for them.

The Tekno are about 1mm less deep
Thanks for the replies guys. I found the tekno wheel hexes on Amazon but they are $50 to ship them here to Canada which is what I paid for the truck lol. I thought about drilling them out but was unsure how it would turn out due to the drill bit catching on the groove for the locking pin. I will give it a shot and see if it works though!
As long as you have a good way to secure the hex, and depending on how you are using the drill bit, ie....handheld drill or idealy a drill press. It should be ok, just take your time dont rush it.
The aluminum should drill out fairly easily (assuming the hexes are made out of aluminum).
By drilling it out you're going to lose the shoulder on the inside surface that makes sure the hex is riding on the inner race of the outer wheel bearing and not the bearing itself.

if the himoto e10 info is correct, a few sellers have stuff on ebay

gotta scroll down in the parts drop down menu to wheel hex. eyeballing it, that looks like a 4mm hex not a 6mm hex. who knows if that's a pic of the actual item
I ended up drilling it out to 6mm for a temporary fix until I can source some 12 x 6 mm hexes to fit. I’ll have a look around for some himoto hexes and then give them a shot. Thanks guys!
This is the shoulder I'm concerned about. Tekno 6mm ID hex in first pic, viewed from both sides.
Hot Racing narrow 4mm hex alongside "OEM" narrow and wide 4mm hex.

I believe if I drilled out those 4mm ones, it would eliminate the shoulder entirely. My concern is that without the shoulder, the whole face of that hex is loading up the whole front of the outer wheel bearing, not just the ID race. If you could find a 6mm ID shim/washer with less than a 12mm OD (the stock outer bearing is 6x12x4), this may suffice.

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