Aluminium front bulk head for amp/circuit/boost

Steve g

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So after breaking several front bulk heads (hinge pin holder for the front A arms), I decided to make an aluminium one from another vehicle fit my circuit, since there is no other option then the stock plastic one. Hot racing makes one for the ruckus/torment, wish they made one for the circuit/amp too.
Well onto the useful information about this thread. After seeing someone install the entire front end of a team associated b4 on his ecx, I decided to order the front bulkhead for the b4 and make it work for me.
Unfortunately my cell phone camera is broken, so no pics of what I did. Wasn't to much work at all, the 4 holes in the b4 line up perfect with the 4 main screws for the ecx. The only main issue is the b4 bulkhead is longer. So all I had to do was file the back down by may be 2mm, and then installed it. Next I drilled through holes in the bottom of the lchassis for the front bumper screws, since the b4 bulkhead doesn't have those. The third and final change can be done in one of two ways: redrill the stock front hinge pin brace, since the b4 is just barely noticeable narrower, or buy the hinge pin brace for the b4. The stock ecx screws for the brace do work.
I redrilled the stock one, as I didn't anticipate this. To do so, attach the front brace to the bulkhead, while out of the vehicle, and carefully run a small drill bit from the backside through the bulkhead. It's tricky, don't want to go through the brace, or enlarge the bulkhead holes either. So I'd recommend also getting the brace.