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Anyone tried Losi MRC or Vaterra Slickrock parts in their Temper?


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I know they share very similar parts with the Temper/Everest 16.
I'm curious if anyone has tried any of the axle parts.
They use a different differential setup then the Temper does.
I've already replaced my diff's with Aluminum ones from RedCat but I'm curious if the MRC or the Slickrock diffs would fit in the Temper's axle housing too.

I'm also curious if the Temper/RedCat diffs would fit in the MRC/Slickrock axle.
The axle housings look pretty much the same only without the standoffs for mounting the skidplate/bumpers.

And lastly, their transmission has a slipper clutch.
I'm wondering if the transmission itself or at least parts are interchangeable.

I have to figure out how to build bulletproof axles for my beast.
I keep breaking stuff! A slipper clutch might help.

I never should have put that bigger motor in!!!


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I haven't broke anything on mine yet with a 370. What motor are you running? Tires?


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I put a RedCat 370 motor in it, much more torque, much more speed.
And I'm running Gmade SR03 alloy/metal rims (They weigh a ton) and some Dick Cepak Mud Country tires.
That's part of the problem too. I'm getting GREAT traction and I have too much torque so when I get stuck/wedged someplace and I've got the traction and the torque but the wheels won't turn (stuck in a hole or just trying to climb really steep) something has to give.

I think I solved my problem though. I just bought an Axial Deadbolt. I'm probably going to back this thing down and put a Barrage motor in it and just keep it as a backyard crawler and more of a light trail truck.
I'll turn the Deadbolt into my serious off road vehicle.


Im running slickrock outdrives, because of length issues on the stock ones. I wanted to run vanquish hex nuts on my vanquish method wheels, but those nuts are a bit wider than then most hexs. The vaterra ones work but the shear pins are smaller, so instead of running vetarra pins i drilled them out to standard size. Other than that i haven't tried any other slickrock stuff. I did after much research find out the vaterra shocks will not work. They are 85mm which is to long for stock mounting location.