Both my Ruckuses stopped working. Help!


Still new to this. Almost a week apart, my 2wd and 4x4 Ruckus stopped working.
The servos still respond on both. But the throttle is non responsive. I swapped the batteries out on both and put them into my 4x4 Circuit and they still work fine. Changed the batteries in the Transmitters and it makes no difference.

I didn't think it was the esc since the steering still works? Do I have to replace my motors? Or could it be something else?


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Steering and wheel drive are executed by separate devices. Steering is powered by the receiver. Wheel drive is powered by the ESC. So, no, the steering working is not an indication of a good ESC.

Assuming these are brushed? If so, put the battery directly to the motor leads. It should spin. If not, your motor is shot. If your motor does spin, you likely need a new ESC.

Tom Baumgardner

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Thanks X. I will give that a try.
I had that problem and the plug between the motor and the esc was loose and didn't supply the power to the motor. We tightened the connection with some pliers and all was working again. For me when we direct connected the motor to the battery the motor ran. Good luck.


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Also, the transmitter forward/reverse TRIM knob can get bumped too far from centre and the throttle stops working. Power everything down. Make sure all knobs on transmitter are about middle, and have another go (sometimes it’s a simple fix)