Brushed 2 Brushless upgrade


Let me start off by saying
"what a deal what a deal" $85 with shipping, I got me a nice beater Rc !!

It came stock brushed.

So far I swapped out the stock shocks for " team associated pro sc " shocks from my old sct. I have a set of trunbuckles that I haven't finish putting on, So far just the fronts.

I took my whole pro sct system out and swapped it in my torment. Same stock shootout back tires & new street shootout tires in the front. " the 2 other stock shootout tires need glue so that's why I'm using these street tires for now....

I only ran this truck 2 times, both times were under 10mins. I ran it on 3s Lipo, with 32pitch gears. 18t pinion with 54t spur. I haven't clocked it yet BUT will soon...

What gears do you guys run ON 2s and 3s Lipo brushless ?

Steve g

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I've got a 3900kv on 3s with 20/87 48p, and a 3100kv with 18/87. The 3900kv has a fan, and needs it no matter what gears I run. The 3100kv stays under 150°f with no fan. I'm also running taller tires (2.8s) on 2 circuits.


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I've been running kinexsis 4000kv with 20/87 48p, metal trans, on 2 and 3s. Very nice with 2s, easy to control. Tops out at 31mph. 3s, also fun tops out at 50mph....not as easy to control but not terrible. With cooler temps I'm running at 100°f. Amp desert buggy.