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Circuit 2WD Turnbuckles


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I'd read that Associated #1283 T4 turnbuckle set was a "direct" fit (using RPM 4-40 Rod Ends). I discovered that is not true.

You get four turnbuckles that are 2.8" (71mm) long and two that are 2.6" (67mm) long. The two 2.6" turnbuckles are perfect for the steering links, but the 2.8" turnbuckles are too long for the front camber and almost too short for the rear camber! Only half the threaded section on each end is engaged in the RPM rod end so I used long-shank RPM 4-40 rod ends on the rear camber and trimmed 2mm off each end of the front camber turnbuckles.

I'd say use #7253 (2.62") for the front camber links and maybe #7937 (3.0") for rear camber links.