Circuit transformation


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Here's how I found it at the pawnshop about 8 years ago.


Put a new body on it. Why not?20170217_171221.jpg

Lipos were still scary to me. And needed to buy another charger. Went with what I knew. Started to mess around with different motors. Tried several combos. Settled on a 10T Monster motor and 7 cell NiMH. Put different wheels and tires on it. Pulled wheelies on command and drove like a raped ape. Awesome fun! 042.JPG



Kept it that way for several years. I now have better and faster RC's. Still great for beginners or girlfriends to play with. Fast enough to be fun but, not enough to be dangerous. Lol. Until last fall. We had just got done racing. My Grandson jumped it off a berm. (It flew, BTW) Landed wrong while on full power. Broke an axle. Never happened before. Decided it was time for an upgrade.


It now has the metal diff, RCWAD drive shafts, a 3300 Kv motor and 70 Amp ESC. Stupid fun on 3S, Typically run it on 2S for the beginners, Doesn't look much different from the start.....But I'm more than happy to surprise you. 20230527_190150.jpg

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