Ecx amp 2 wheel drive slipper clutch question.


I have a Ecx amp 2 wheel drive. I was replacing the clutch with a brand new one and when I put the new one on it started slipping nonstop. I have tightened it and it has worked but when it works there is a lot of resistance because it is tight. I have ordered 2 and it has not worked. What can I do so it does not keep slipping?
The disks ??

If so, yes I did and it is still slipping

Green highlighter. Before the first clutch plate goes back on, there is a spacer that goes on the top shaft (input shaft)

I also rough my plates up with 24/36 grit sandpaper and remove the spring and use two nuts locked together, clutch adjusted full tight backed off 1/6 turn (one flat of the nut)IMG_0948.jpeg
Ignore the spur gear and clutch pads, they aren't stock ECX. The spacer I was asking if you are missing is just to the right of the outer top shaft bearing and just to the left of one of those clutch plates. It spaces the spur/clutch out just enough that it doesn't rub on the transmission housing.




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