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ECX Barrage Gen 2


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West Glover, VT

The ECX Barrage Gen2 features several changes over the popular first generation Barrage. These changes make the Barrage Gen2 more durable, capable crawler, and improves upon it's scale looks.

ECX Barrage Gen2 Features:
  • Scale Body and Chassis
  • Completely RTR
  • Metal Ring and Pinion Gears
  • Aluminum Links, Motor Plate and Shock Cap Retainers
  • Combination Composite and Aluminum Main Frame
  • Metal u-joints
  • White front LED lights
  • ECX 2.4GHz TX and RX
  • 900mAh Battery - over 30 minutes of run time!
  • One Step Charger
  • Full Ball Bearings
  • Super User Friendly Speeds with Impressive Crawling Capabilities: Fun for anyone from beginner to expert

The Barrage Gen2 is just $179 for either Yellow (ECX01013T2) or Blue(ECX01013T1)

ECX Barrage Gen2 Updates Explained



I just came back from a morning bash with my sister in law and her ruckus. I spent a lot of time pulling her out of the ditch with my gen2 barrage until the added on yeah racing winch fell apart. Lock tite was not applied.
At one point we went bumper to bumper for a pushing contest that the ruckus did win. It was pretty close and I credit the ruckus for having a higher torque motor but I'm still a bit embarrassed. I did better sitting still than actually pushing thanks to the 4x4 but once I broke traction in the gravel it went bad for me.

Mine cage as a btd kit as Woodie mentioned, heads up for anyone going that route should apply grease to the gear boxes which isn't in the instructions.

Mongol Pete

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Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
We have the V2 BTD kit, and we like it. However, the plastic lockers do not hold up and the screw that holds the steering links to the spindle snaps. ECX should address these basic durability issues with the next version.