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ECX Fleet log


I'll try to use this thread as a log for all of our ECX trucks.

#1 ECX Ruckus GraveDigger.

Started as a Regular brushed ruckus.

Now it is:
  • Tazer 3300 KV brushless Motor
  • Tazer BL ESC
  • ECX Metal gears in trans
  • HR driveshafts
  • HR rear arms
  • RPM servo Saver eliminator bell crank
  • Servo Mounted servo saver
  • Vg Racing roll Cage
  • Axial Grave Digger Body using front Losi extended mounts and some old Traxxas steering arms for rear mounts.
  • Proline Trenchers





Started life as a stock BL ruckus, but I converted to a torment with nerfs, bumpers, Blitz body.

Also has a Savox Servo.





6s Capable Ruckus
Started as a basketcase craigslist parts special with some good parts.
Now it is:
  • Axial Wrangler Unlimited Body
  • HR 17mm adapters
  • 3.8 Proline Badlands
  • Traxxas Big Bore Shocks
  • Castle Mamba Monster 6s capable ESC
  • Traxxas 2200KV motor
  • 25t Robinson Racing Pinion
  • 87t metal Spur
  • HR driveshafts
  • ECX Metal gear trans
  • Savox Servo
  • Traxxas Tqi Transmitter/Receiver
This one took a great deal of cutting and grinding with the dremel but I finally got it to fit. The 25t pinion is the absolute lowest that can make the gear mesh work and it could probably stand to be a bit bigger. However, this thing never gets hot or does anything other than go. I broke two sets of stock shafts before moving on to the HR ones and havent had an issue yet with probably 8-10 4s packs ran through it. It is probably slightly slower than a stock BL ruckus on 3s, but much more predictable/enjoyable to drive.

I still haven't gotten man enough to try it on 6s





ECX Barrage.

This is the kids that was stock until the motor popped.

I couldn't find a factory replacement motor so I ordered trans and motor from a temper and put that in.

Even with the pinion swapped to the barrage unit, it is still a bit less powerful than it was stock.

But, it will serve it's purpose until it goes and then I will try to regain the power lost.

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#5 and my last running car at the moment.

Duratrax Evader ST/ ECX Ruckus Hybrid.

This was also in the parts bin/ craigslist deal.

My 5yo claimed the stock Evader as it was his "Red Racer".

Well, I got it going only to pop a rear axle in about 20 minutes.

Not having any spares I decided to try and make something work out of all the ECX parts I had laying around.

After a lot of drilling/dremeling/head scratching I got the Evader chassis from rear shock tower forward mated to a ruckus rear carrier/arms/motor/trans/bumper set up. It still needs some kinks worked out in regards to suspension tuning and set up, but it should serve it's purpose by letting the kiddo have a "racer" I can actually repair when he breaks it.

The "non-evader" parts are:
Sidewinder Sv2 ESC
Traxxas Velinion 3500 motor
Traxxas VXL driveshafts
ECX metal gear trans.
Stock Ruckus rear Hubs and suspension arms
Spektrum DX2E transmitter and receiver.

It is actually pretty fun to drive as it is almost impossible to traction roll and is pretty quick on 2s.

If the kid keeps it in one piece long enough I may keep tweaking and see if I can make it handle good.

I've also got an extra 4800kv motor I could throw in it to see what would happen.




Thanks man!

Ran into some trouble with two trucks today.

The Evader literally ran into trouble... or the back of a tricycle at WOT and broke the front shock tower. $7 from Amazon and its in the way.

The Gravedigger has me puzzled. It is having intermittent motor issues. It will stop like the battery has hit LVC but it's a fresh battery. Motor and ESC temps don't get over ~110* at this point it still stops. ESC light responds to throttle input so I know it's getting signal from the TX. Also, the battery works fine in other trucks.

It'll do this for 10-30 seconds and then run again for a couple minutes and it will happen again.

I've got backup electronics to try out, but I'm not sure what I should try first.


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Certainly sounds like an overload/ temp lockout. Have you noticed any performance difference besides the cutting out?

My assumption is the ESC is damaged. When it occurs you could go run it on the workbench. Monitor temps and cell voltage and see what happens when it cuts out next time. Perhaps the ESC/ motor is pulling the cell voltage too low and going into low voltage cutoff.

Another possibility is the gear mesh has moved causing more friction. Though you would likely see higher temps because of that.


I agree it is likely an issue with the ESC.

I did some further bench trouble shooting and got a little deeper on the issue.

While I did say I could see the ESC light up in response to throttle input, I didn't realize that it wasn't doing so correctly.

I could see a steady red light when applying throttle. However, the ESC *should* show solid red during partial throttle and go green at WOT.

I put new batteries in the TX and re-calibrated it in hopes that it would fix the issue, but it would do the same thing. When working correctly it would show the green light at WOT and then drop to red even when holding the throttle wide open. Then finally it would stop.

Since this is the kiddos favorite truck I just took the cage and body mount setup off and put it over on the 4s ruckus to get him back on the road and haven't gotten any further on this one. This may be a wise switch anyway as that truck on 2 or 3s still has some punch but is easier to control for him.

I plan to get the Evader moving again next and then I will move back to trouble shooting the ESC/motor on this one.


Still no more time to devote to the crazy ESC one.

However, we got the Evader/Ruckus back on the road today.

Getting the shock tower mounted up was more of an issue than anticipated as the previous owner had broken it before and apparently Used JB Weld to get it to hold. I had to grind, cut, chip all that off to get it going again.

I also added an RPM front bumper to help prevent the damage in the future. The bumper was from a Stampede, but fit surprisingly well. I only had to drill a couple extra holes, but no trimming or anything else.