ECX Temper motor upgrade


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I have a 280 in my ECX Temper now, looking at a 370 or 390 from the barrage or something else. Anyone have any experience they can share? Thanks
what I did was I made a custom bottom plate for the transmission to mount to and I bought a garage Doomsday and go to the parts from it and put it on my GHIN one temper are used the motor and transmission from the Doomsday along with the links to Driveline and axles if you want more power from your temper do I have to go with the LiPo battery first of all if you wanted more power and speed out of your temper. the transmission from the Doomsday is exact same transmission except for one of the out shafts of the transmission is longer on the Doomsday for clearance issues if you can get that out shaft and motor mounting plate for the that mounts the motor to the transmission do you won't have to custom Modified stock motor plate I just bought the the whole doomsday truck when it first was discontinued for $100 other issue you will have is the chassis is not wide enough to accommodate the larger doomsday motor so you'll have to add slim thick spacer washers to widen chassis top and bottom the extra quarter inch or so that it needs for extra width I made a custom bottom plate transmission now it was wider but you can avoid that by using the stock temper transmission bottom plate and just flip it upside down the problem with upgrading to more power this application is you're going to start twisting axle shafts inside of the bowlers spool and also be busting rear drive shafts due to the weakness where the set pin passes through for the excellent I would show you a video of mine and action but mine is affected by busted Axel's as described and spun out bowler spools if anybody can help me find some aluminum spools that I can purchase and or where to find replacement axle shafts similar to stock ones except for with 5 millimeter bearing shoulder shaft or if somebody has a metalworking lathe they can help me make some that I can purchase cuz they do make a 5 by 8 mm bearing this you can replace with the stock 4 by 8 mmmm bearings to accommodate for an upgraded set of axles with a larger shaft size as your issue with your temper and lack of guts if you change stuff I've told you about you will be very satisfied with the amount of power temper will have then I just a reminder they came out with the temper Gen 2 it looks way better than the original first gen he looks to be way better then the original temper

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