Esc amp rating?


So when it comes to off-road racing how do I know what amp the esc needs to be to be safe? Is 60a more than enough or do I need more one car has a 20t motor on it which seems to be alright because it’s never gotten hot or had any issues but another has a 17t on it and the wires to the motor get hot, is that the esc holding back or what idk what to do to get the motor from burning up.
the 17T motor (all else being the same) will draw more current, which is why the motor wires are getting hot. both of those brushed motors should be drawing less than 20 amps on a 2S lipo. if your esc was the limiting factor, it would be getting hot as well.

upgrading your brushed esc to another brushed esc is a fool's errand. put a lipo and a brushless system in it and call it done.

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