Gen 2 suspension geometry


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I got the ecx temper gen2. I've already broken an axle, and both driveshafts. I have metal replacements for both. But, my question is there's 3 positions for the upper links, and 3 front/4 rear positions for the shocks.

What's best for a stock rig, or I'm planning on getting 4.75" tires with heavier wheels. I also got some light weight shock oil (15w). I'd like a lot of flex, not concerned about flat ground at all.


not sure about the upper links, since the lower links do not have more holes. (won't the axles roll some if you were to move only the top links?)
I like the shocks in the lowest holes to lower the vehicle and give less lift, I removed the bottom shock cups altogether and now it sits nice and low. belly dragging works good for me.
i did get 4.75 tires, 19 tooth pinion on a 37 turn motor, but still want to gear down more.

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