Gool combo?



I have a stock ecx torment 4x4 too and a few weeks ago I fitted a cheap motor almost identical to yours but just made by OCday and it's great it's got plenty of power and torque. One thing that happened to me was it arrived with the switch wire broken off but I got a full refund from the seller and I just replaced the switch with another one. I would recommend a motor fan with it too there only two pounds off eBay. I would definitely recommend it so far

Have fun with your ECX torment😀



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Hi, I was wondering if it would be wise to put this in a stock 4wd torment? And any advice re brushless info would be welcomed, thankyou!
Those motors are pretty darn good. I've used a lot of them over the years. Even the finned 540 ones, like TSElectronics is using, are pretty torque-ish on a lightweight RC. Just gear 'em right and they're fine. I must say that I've replaced every single bearing in a very short amount of time. After replacing the stock bearings, my motors have lasted much longer between cleanings.


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As long as you run 2s lipo only and SCT tires that combo should be ok. Decent motors can be had for around $20 (Racerstar, Goolrc etc.) but the heart of the system is the esc so get the best esc you can afford motors are cheap enough to experiment with till you find one that gives you the performance your after.

Those (F540) finned 540 motors (390 brushed motor size wrapped in a 540 heatsink) work ok in my 2wds but got hotter than I would like in a 4wd. In my opinion better to get a full size 3650 motor like the size in the combo you linked for a 4wd.

Comes down to budget how much your willing to spend. If this is your only r/c would be better to spend it on something that will last and experiment and buy the cheap stuff later.