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How to remove small broken screw?


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HI All,
One of the two small screws that hold the front bumper on our MT broke off half-way down into the threaded hole in the body. There aren't enough threads left at the top of the hole to hold the bumper on solidly. Any ideas on how to remove the piece of screw that's at the bottom of the hole?



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San Jose, Calif
Barrett's, you will have to pull the front end apart, and once apart you should be able to twist that part the screw is in off. Replace the screws with the same length flathead M3 Allen machine screws. If there is going to be a problem with that particular part coming off then replace it with the ECX Front/Rear Suspension Mount Set, part no.; ECX1092 from Amain hobbies $6.99. They have a very quick turnaround. If you Google; ecx amp parts list, you will see Amain hobbies. Click on it and it will.bring up the picture of the part you need. It will be the part with the six holes in it, three on each side. The two center ones is what the bumper screws to. I'm assuming this is for your MT Amp. If you can go on Ebay and buy a set of button head and flat head M3 black machine screws of different sizes and get rid of those Phillip head self taping screws. You will also have to pick up a set of M3 hex drivers. I know it sounds like a lot of money, but it's not. Good luck!


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While u got that frnt bumper off, upgrade it to
that's if u havnt already.