Kinexsis ultimate tool kit review


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Springfield MO
This is a my review of the Kinexsis Ultimate Tool set. Part number KXST0051.
I like the blue anodizing. Everything seems to be fairly decent quality. And easy to use. The driver handle is comfortable in my hands. There is no real wear on the anodized nut drivers. I haven't had any problems with stripping screws or the hex drivers themselves. I can not comment on the phillips or slot drivers. I have not needed either of those yet. Also I have not needed the wrenches either. The only comment I have for the wrenches are. There isn't a 13mm wrench. Which is what my slipper nut is on my 4wd ruckus. And doesn't have a #2 phillips. Over all I am pleased with this tool set. And glad I purchased it. It is definitely worth the money. So if you are looking for a small tool set to take with you when your out bashing this is a great buy.
How long have you been using this tool set?

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