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Lipo battery run time?


I get about an hour out of the stock nimh battery that came with my barrage 2.

if I got a lipo battery, how much more run time should I expect from it?


Queensland Australia
The battery that came with it is probably a 7.2Volt 900mAh NiMH. You will need to buy a new charger if you go Lipo.

The speed and torque will be slightly greater than the NiMH becuase the voltage goes up from 7.2v to 7.4v.

The run time will be totally dependant on how many Amp hours the lipo battery you choose is. if you could get a 900mAh Lipo at 7.4 Volt it would last fractionally more (say 3 minutes).

Lipo's are smaller for the same Amp hours.

On my AMP the biggest NiMH I could fit without modifying is 3600A/Hr With lipo I could go to 6000A/Hr without mofifying, so run time would be about 1.8 times a NiMH.

Without knowing specifics about the battery you choose, I would say almost double run time if you go as big as will fit the present battery housing.

Fred Flintstone

Active Member
The standard NiMh battery is pretty weak, so to get an hour out of it is pretty good going. A lipo holds a lot more power but won't necessarily give you a longer run time. What it will give you is faster acceleration and higher top speed (depending on the mAh and C rating). What you will probably find is that the higher acceleration and faster speeds are a lot of fun and you will give it a bit more of a thashing which will drain the battery faster. I would recommend a 4000 mAh 2S. This will be a perfect fit in the battery bay and give you ample run time. It probably won't be an hour, but that depends on how you drive.