Loctite 609

Steve g

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Loctite is well known for its thread lockers, but from what I've read, the average rc enthusiast seems to only use the blue medium thread locker for their vehicles. Loctite, and others, make a large array of lockers and retainers. For example, thier 609 is a bushing and bearing retainer. This would work well for those with aluminium c hubs or steering knuckles, or any aluminium part with a loose fitting bearing. Another use I've found for this same formula is screws in plastic. Everyone screams no thread lock in plastic. Well I tried the 609 in plastic in my wraith transmission, and it was perfect. Had no issues of loosing the screws anymore, and it easily comes apart with no problems. I have done it 4 times now, with no issues. I even did it on my circuit trannys as well. Would work good for those ball end screws to, or any screw in plastic that is loosing up on your vehicle