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Hey everyone!

Today was finally going to be the big day; The new body posts and the AMP front and rear bumper (motor guard/ plate) arrived, so we could finish up the final details on the old new Circuit from my son!
We've fitted the parts, changed out the wheels and tires because the original Ruckus wheels that were on my Ruckus went back on my son's Ruckus, because I finally received my monster truck wheels this week (the MT tires with the chevron tread). So the wheels that were on my son's Ruckus just had to go on his Circuit, lol!
He wanted some bigger wheels, and to be honest, they do look good on the car. Now, he sort of has an MT Truggy/ MT Stadium Truck.
So, we went out to our usual place, armed with my Ruckus, his Circuit and both our Torments.
We took the short course trucks out first to get "warmed up" so to speak.
After about 20 minutes, the left rear wheel from my Torment decided to leave the car because the wheel hex rounded off during driving (hard, as usual...). And yes, I was only running it on 2s on the stock brushless electronics.
So we changed cars, I took the Circuit around the track, just to see if everything was set correctly (steering trim, slipper clutch, you know the drill).
Started up nice and slow, but when I gently increased the throttle, a very recognizable crunching sound could be heard....
That sound is usually the spur gear being tortured. So we just decided to continue with the Torment and Ruckus until the rain decided to spoil our fun.
Too? powerful rwd cars on a slippery surface isn't quite my idea of having fun...
My Ruckus runs on 3s with a 4600kv motor. Combine that with tires that do NOT have all the grip in the world on tarmac; spin around city....

So, back home we took off the transmission cover to see that the spur was OK. Mind you, the gears weren't on my mind.....yet.
After we took the gearbox apart, it finally dawned on me, that the one thing I did NOT change was in fact... yes... the plastic gears were not changed to metal ones...
That was dumb!!!!!
Thing is, when the chassis came in the mail, I placed a test motor to see if everything was working as it should.
Our test motor is a 12T brushed 550 motor. During that test, all was good. But yeah, a 9T 4370kv is a bit more powerful, lmao!!!!
SO, I immediately ordered new metal gears and some other parts to remedy this mistake.
I will update my Circuit post when the work's finished, and how the Circuit looks whet it's on it's new wheels.

So, all in all, just be sure that when you're upgrading your motor, please do NOT forget the gears and drive shafts, lol!!!!
I know we can also upgrade the spur gears to steel ones, but since we have 9 ECX cars....
And in all honesty, my son's Ruckus is the most ballistic of the bunch; standard everything, but because the previous owner swapped the pinion for God knows what, even on 50% it wheelies AF! It's a lot of fun, but maybe a bit too fast, especially for an almost 7 year old. And that car still has the original spur gear! Since my son's Ruckus is the benchmark for me (durability wise), I feel it's safe to say that in our case, we will probably not be switching to the steel spur gears anytime soon. Besides, the originals only cost €4.80 where I live ;)

A lot of text, I know, but I needed to vent my stupid mistake...


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