PSA: AMP MT and AMP DB Wheels



Been meaning to post this for some time, as it might be of service to someone looking to replace or replenish their AMP MT or AMP DB Wheels. Below is a great option that I researched at some length, acquired, tested and used in several first place runs in Novice Off-Road and Oval, with my AMP DB, in the 2022 season. My son took first place in Off-Road once with his AMP MT as well. The offset is perfect and they perform very well. At $8 a pair (at the time), they were very affordable to boot.

AMP MT Front and Rear wheels, as well as the AMP DB Rear (only) wheels: RPM Revolver #82062 (use a 2.2" off-road truck tire)

AMP DB Front wheel: RPM Revolver #82222 (use an off-road rear buggy tire)

Just be aware: The use of an off-road rear buggy tire up front will cause the front end of the AMP DB to sit just a little lower than the stock tire. In my particular case, that has increased the car's handling for my driving, and made it a great performer for me.

On my son's AMP MT we use Proline Hole Shot tires or JConcepts Double Dee tires in the rear, and we use the JConcepts Carvers up front - 2.2" off-road truck size. We've also used 2.2" truck size Proline Positrons when on moist clay. The wheel will work with any such tire.

On my AMP DB in the front I use Proline Holeshot rear buggy tires and Proline Positron rear buggy tires. Any such tire will fit the wheel.

The perfect, for the AMP, offset makes the wheel a great fit and they've held up just great.

All the best!

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