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Receiver upgrade

Full Throttle

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Hey guys, sorry if I ask a really stupid question, I am new to this and trying to figure everything out with my Torment. I have one from about 5 years ago that sat unused in my son's room so during covid I started using it again. I have put in a faster engine and have a much more powerful battery.

My question is about the receiver and I guess the ESC, is there an upgraded version of these that anyone has used? I find that the battery, even the big one, drains pretty fast and someone suggested that an upgrade of the electronics may help this. I don't know if this is true or not but thought I would ask anyway, even if I risk sounding like an idiot!

Any help or feedback is appreciated.


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If your receiver works fine, then no need to change it out. The same goes for the speed control.


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What motor exactly and what battery are you using? Need more information.

Generally no, the electronics will not get you more run time. That’s battery and to some extent gearing, surface you run on and driving.