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ECX has done a great job with their ECX Ruckus but just like any other RC there are always places to improve. Below are a list of recommended upgrades for the ECX Ruckus 2WD and 4WD RC monster trucks.

Required items for an ECX Ruckus

Both the ECX Ruckus 2WD (ECX03003) and ECX Ruckus 4WD (ECX03042) come completely Ready-To-Run.

If you're new to the hobby, I would also strongly suggest checking out the Tools to get started in R/C thread.

Now on to the upgrades to make your ECX Ruckus truck even better! :)

Recommended Upgrades for the ECX Ruckus

Batteries - While the ECX Ruckus comes with batteries, both the AA and battery pack really restrict the truck.
  • First start with your battery pack and get a LiPo or 7 cell NiMH battery pack. Doing so will give you much longer run times but also add noticeable power to the ECX Ruckus. LiPo would be my first choice, but be sure to read the caution below.

  • Next, upgrade the 4x AA Transmitter batteries - For the included transmitter. My recommendation would be to get a pack of Eneloop rechargeable batteries. Either the Panasonic Eneloop or Eneloop Pro (even higher capacity, longer run time).
    The Eneloop batteries typically offer larger capacity and hold a charge over time much better than a typical rechargeable battery.
CAUTION: The ECX Ruckus 2WD Tazer ESC is NOT LiPo ready nor does the 4WD model include a low voltage cutoff or alarm. If you run a LiPo on the stock electronics you risk frying your battery or causing more serious damage to your Ruckus , other belongings, or yourself.

If you run LiPo and stock electronics then I'm going to say you MUST buy an LiPo voltage alarm - this will monitor the voltage of the LiPo and scream like heck when it reaches a certain voltage, saving your Ruckus and LiPo battery from damage.

Really, the voltage alarms are so silly cheap it doesn't hurt to buy enough for each of your RC's that use LiPo batteries, with or without a built in low voltage alarm.

There is a great "What's your LiPo battery of choice?" ongoing thread if you are unsure what battery packs to buy.

Bearings - The bearings in the ECX Ruckus is just like most any other stock RC bearings... they leave a bit to be desired, such as being sloppy and/or not very reliable. The easiest solution would be to pick up a FastEddyBearings ball bearing kit.

Servo - The stock steering servo seems a bit under powered, to remedy simply upgrade the servo to something like the Savox 0231mg, Power HD 1501MG, MG996R, or Hitec HS5645MG.

A stronger and faster servo will certainly help the steering of the Ruckus truck and provide a much more responsive driving experience.

Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)
- The stock ESC in both the 2WD and 4WD Ruckus are going to be fine in casual conditions, but if you want to be able to fine tune your settings and get even more performance out of the truck then a programmable ESC will really give new life to any RC, the Ruckus included.

There are TONS of good options out there when it comes to ESC but a few brands I've used and recommend would be Tekin, Castle Creations, and even Hobbywing - all make great alternatives and buying one of their combo's (ESC and motor) will give the Ruckus even more speed and/or power!

Drive Shafts (Applies to 2WD Ruckus only) - The early Ruckus 2WD trucks has fragile drive shafts which could be spun with the stock power system. A common suggestion is to install the Traxxas VXL shafts instead.

Transmission (Applies to 2WD Ruckus only) - If you're going LiPo and/or a stronger brushless motor then upgrading the transmission to metal gears is a must. Luckily Robinson Racing makes metal gears for the trucks, however RR does not have the diff gear.

ECX has also released an all metal transmission that comes with all the gears includes the diff in all metal, part number ECX9001

Durability - There are several ways to improve the durability of the ECX Ruckus, but my most recommended upgrade by far is to buy RPM upgrades. Not only are RPM RC Products built incredibly strong but also offer a lifetime warranty that's simply hard to beat.

RPM Front A-Arms
RPM Rear A-Arms
RPM Oversized Front Spindle Blocks
RPM Oversized Rear Axle Carriers

The A-arms are much tougher than the stock a-arms and the oversized spindle block and axle carriers are not only stronger but allow for larger ball bearings which is almost a must if you're running larger tires on your Ruckus.


The upgrades listed above are a great starting point for any basher, racer, and even someone just getting started in to the RC hobby, but is by no means a complete list. If you have other upgrades you'd like to suggest please reply with them below!


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A few remarks:
  • Servo saver, a must. Starting with the zip tie mod all the way to servo saver eliminator, ECX hop up etc...
  • Brushless 2WD Ruckus comes with a metal diff
  • Drive shafts: for brushless people recommend MIP too and we'll soon know if the new top end Hot Racing model is better than their previous offerings.
  • ESC: old versions could take 3S, new ones (with a fan) only 2S. Brushless one is definitely LiPo ready but you need to go into the settings and change the battery type.
  • Metal gears: I've been running the stock plastic spur on brushless since forever with 0 issues.
  • Best upgrade on the brushless Ruckus besides the driveshafts: about 75-100gr of weights in the front. Keeps it down, increases steering, flies more horizontal.


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Question: Upgrades to Ruckus 1/10 4WD (Factory Brushless with fan on ESC running 2S Lipo).
1. Should I upgrade the Spur Gear to the steel HR 45 tooth?
2. If recommended is the stock metal pinion gear hard enough or should I purchase an aftermarket and what would be compatible with stock setup or any suggestions. I am satisfied with the torque and speed as stock.
3. What pitch and tooth is the original pinion gear should I need to order one?
Thank you in advance for any recommendations.


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Personally I think you are fine with the stock gears on 2s LiPo.
If you are just wanting to throw money at it, then by all means upgrade.

Doing this will save you if you ever take the next step and go to 3s or higher, higher than 3s then you may want to look at upgrading several items, not just the gears.

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