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I purchased two 1/18 EXC Ruckus trucks for my young kids. I've had several issues with them and would like to know if anyone has any advice (other than buy something different).

The trucks are fine on pavement. But, once winter passed and they are playing with them in the yard, I noticed the motors run hot, even w. I wanted to get some more batteries and a friend told me a 2s LiPO wouldn't be an issue - well, I think it is - the motors always ran hot, but the LiPO makes them run even hotter. I recently went back to using the NiMH only, but they are still running really hot - to the point the label on the motor melted off and one of the solder joints broke.

Anyway, I was thinking of gearing them a little lower for more off-road to help with the heat. ECX offers some gears, but I'm already running the lowest ratio they have. (50 tooth spur, 14 tooth pinion). I'd be ok going 3rd party and steel, but I'm having trouble finding a 2.5mm bore pinion that has the same pitch (and less than 14 teeth) as a spur gear.

I’d prefer to keep the motor stock, but only because of the issues with the diffs. I would prefer run a lipo battery, but it is what it is I guess.
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