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Servo problems.


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Couple guys and I bought some amp MT on our work vacation. After a few trips around the motel parking lot. One servo quit unless you help it the other guy hooked a tree branch and pulled the wires out of the connector. We twisted them together until we can solder them but not working any help on this would be great. Any links to a direct replacement servo. As in drop in and go


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Any servo should do (metal gears) providing it's within the dimentions of the stock 1 in the sense of height. I upgraded mine to a metal gear servo and found it didn't fit by 4mm. Could only steer 1 way as it kept jamming up. New servo within size now wrks great


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@Paul the Spektrum S6170 would be a "drop in" replacement. It costs about US$27. While it would be something of an upgrade over the servo that was installed in the AMP, the S6170 still has a plastic gear-train and would likely break with heavy use (meaning the occasional collision with obstacles, endoes off jumps, etc).

A much better upgrade would be a servo with a metal gear-train (as @Tama mentioned). However, a good one will run about US$60-$70-- about half the cost of the AMP! But that's okay as the ECX 2WD cars are GREAT for upgrading as the chassis and components are incredibly durable.

This RC4WD Twister looks like it might be a decent servo (it actually looks like rebranded PowerHD servo-- which are decent, low-cost servos).

Bottom line: look for a digital, metal-geared, standard-sized servo. US$30-$50 and you'll get a decent one, more than that and you'll get a really good one (warranty, replaceable gears, seals, etc). I've purchased super-cheap off-brand servos on Ebay (look for "MG990/MG995" under various brand names) and, while they worked, I've found them to be glitchy and inconsistent.

If you can, buy from a local shop. Or, buy from they have fantastic customer service. is pretty good too.