Set pin slipping out


Hey folks. Been having a bit of an issue where one of the pins that holds the rear suspension arm to the bottom plate keeps working its way out, to the point where only half of the suspension arm is attached. This has happened a few times, and gets a bit annoying when it happens. Any one have this issue, or thoughts on how to fix it?

Steve g

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If its popping out, and the front holder is getting worn out, use longer pins. I used Emaxx hinge pins, had to cut them a little shorter, and drill out the part that holds them in the front of the chassis deeper, so the pins go into more plastic. I don't remember because it's been a while, but the Emaxx hinge pins might be thicker, so I probably had to drill everything a little bigger. Not too big, a little resistance is good. If you do this, look under the electronics plate where the battery goes, if the pins are too long, they'll stick out into the battery area.

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