Tackle boxes?


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Vancouver, WA
I was just looking at tackle boxes to keep all of these parts and screws organized. I was wondering who was willing to share a photo of their box and explain what you like about it? I was looking at Plano boxes with the clear smaller boxes in it so that I could separate out parts by car (1 ECX Ruckus 1:10, 1 ECX Torment 1:10 -turned into a MT, 1 old RC10T3 with a baja bug body and brushless setup, and 1 1:18 helion animus). I just didn't know how big it would need to be. I don't want to carry too much because then it becomes heavy. Also, how do you all transport your cars? I've been using large rubbermade containers and they work pretty good. 2 1:10 scale trucks fit with spare tires, transmitters, and batteries without an issue.


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Also interested in this. It’s amazing how quickly you accumulate parts to store


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San Jose, Calif
Max-D, nice box. This is my RC shop in my garage were I make some of my own parts. To many rc's to take a tool box to race, so I just take 3 or 4 trucks with me. But I sure like that tool box.



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Mine are in boxes like what @weave posted. I need to get around to buying some with larger drawers though, as some things like shocks and chassis parts don't fit in the smaller bins so well. Those things have pretty much gone in either my tool chest or the original RC box the car came it.

I'm probably in need of doing some organization, but that's time I don't have right now. :ROFLMAO:


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I use a Racer's Edge bag to haul my buggy and support equipment around but store all the small parts in Plano 3600 and 3700 ProLatch StowAway boxes. Highly recommend the Plano StowAway boxes.


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I wish I could keep parts in a tackle box. that's just used for tools and small odds and ends. Wanted to take a picture of what I use to store parts but its easier to just say my entire basement has become a parts container. My tool box is a Plano box with 4 drawers. Had one for years and the plastic dry rotted so I got one of the newer designs last year.
Plano 757-004 4 Drawer Tackle Box with Top Accessories
but once again I only use it for tools and misc. crap. for parts I use all sorts of plastic containers in different sizes and a dozen or so plastic tubs in various sizes. Had to walk away from purchasing a collection cause I ran out of room for storage.