Tire Recommendations for Amp Buggy


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Hello all,

I am currently running my newly bought ECX Amp on the local Off-road dirt track. It is slightly dusty/dry but mostly packed dirt. The car is completely stock as of now. It has trouble biting into the track and spins out way too easily taking turns flat out. Is this a tire issue at all and if so, do you have any recommendations?

Also I'm not looking for any racing spec. Just something cheap that is better than stock.


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Here's the thing: The AMP (either truck or buggy) is actually built with the wheelbase and track of a stadium truck! Most of the chassis of the AMP cars is identical to the ECX Circuit.

So... the best tires for your car are going to be Stadium Truck (ST) tires.

I'd personally recommend the ProLine Holeshot tires. Their knobby tread pattern is a good all-around tire and the soft compound hooks up pretty well. I've used these on my TLR 22 3.0 buggy in a mixture of hardpack/loose/dusty hardpack and they've performed well.

I've used ProLine Holeshot rear ST rear tires and JConcept Carvers (a 4-rib tread) on my ECX Circuit at the same outdoor dirt track and that combination has performed well.