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Watervliet, MI
I'm new to this and want to put together a small kit to take with me for my torment, what ate some necessities for it
That would depend on what extra parts you may have with you to replace out in the field, i have an old large tackle box with me and have almost everything i may need, i have a rustler as well and because of the large aftermarket sales i have an extra everything(almost), just found parts cheap on ebay or set the used stock aside when i upgrade, hope this helps or sparks ideas
Obviously the screwdrivers for any of the stock screws, probably a small hex key (does the torment have hex body post screws?), and the cross wrench that does the shock and wheel nuts. Some double sided tape to restick electronics, some zip ties and a cutter for cable management. Some spare body pins. Electrical tape. Super glue. That's all I've needed so far.
There is already a good list of the basics:

You can also find the Bondhus hex driver set sold under the DU-BRO brand in local hobby stores. Bondhus manufactures tools for other brands and produces high-quality stuff.

The Dynamite brand tool sets in the small zipper case looks attractive but unfortunately all the hex tools are of relatively poor quality. I rounded most of them already and have just removed the bits from the zip case and replaced them with the Bondus/DU-BRO set. The nut drivers and ratchet handle are okay and I've put them to pretty extensive use with no issues so far.

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