Wheels / Tire options for 1/18 scale Torment?...


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Hey Guys,

I've been searching high and low, but there don't seems to be any obvious options for my little guy. I went out o a 1/10 scale dirt track recently, and the stock tires performed poorly to say the least. I was keeping up with the pack in the straight aways, but it was donuts galore in the turns. Though the soil was hard packed with loose top, I was skating around, doing donuts like on ice, while the 1/10th scale rc10's with better tires were gripping just fine. I realise theres slim pickings in general for this platform, but am hoping there are options out there. Don't care if I have to go with different size hexes, etc, just want some better options.
Update for anyone who'se curious..

Traxxas 1/16 mini slash tires are 12mm hex, fit and work great. BLOW the stock tires away on packed dirt track. Tread is a fraction taller, so with the suspention set to the default super soft, they will just barely rub the edge of the body. U can hear it in the corners a bit. Not a big deal but worth noting.

Part Number: Traxxas 7073a

Anyone got anything else they've used with success??


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