1. T

    Aluminum 12mm hex

    Hello I would like to change hex because my wheel is destroyed in 3s I would like to buy aluminum hexagons, but I come from France and the hot racing hexes are very expensive. Can I install traxxas or losi hexes? if so can you give me the links thank you
  2. Moldorak

    Eliminate slop in the rear wheels, aluminum hubs?

    I'm running a rather powerful brushless motor and there seems to be more and more slop in the rear wheels (it looks lie it is at the hub level, not the arms). Bearings are holding up fine (Fast Eddy). Would aluminum hubs help with this? And if so, Hot Racing on ECX? Could the (stock) hexes also...
  3. S

    HSP cross compatible parts 2Wd

    I came across this aluminum parts set and it looks a lot like the aluminum parts for the 2WD series ecx cars. Anyone this these would be close to fitting?
  4. J

    I’m trying to make an Aluminum Boost Chassis any help would be nice

    My Boost chassis snapped in two as well as my center steering link. I’m looking to replace the chassis by making an Aluminum replacement for around $20. Any help would be great (links, pics, Etc.) to help me reference. As far as the center steering link goes I’m probably going to get the RPM...
  5. Cubekid1315

    Fully modifying an 1/18 torment

    Recently got a 1/18 torment and was considering modifying it, and well go big or go home... How can I fully modify this thing, like best parts best motor, best everything? Can you guys help me out?
  6. Turtle24

    Aluminum Parts?

    Is there any aluminum parts out for the ruckus? Id like to get shock towers, casters and suspensions arms for my ruckus.:)