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Radio not connecting to reciever


New Member
Just bought my son a 2wd ruckus on Wednesday. First day we burned up the motor just running it in a dirt patch in the yard. Swapped in a new traxxas 12 turn motor. Made sure to break it in. Then took it up to a big empty parking lot. Stripped out the spur gear. (may have been partly stripped before the motor change.) Anyway new spur gear in. Ran great for about 10 min then wouldn't respond to any controls. I figured the battery was dead. Put the battery on the charger still over half a charge. Let it all the way, put it back in. Still not responding to the radio. I get the bind plug out and it successfully connected. Put the thing back together. Got ready to play and it isn't connecting again. Now I can't get it to bind at all. All the wires to the receiver look fine. What's going on? Are these Trucks really this hard to deal with or did I get a lemon. First time dealing with a hobby grade RC and I'm starting to get really frustrated.