Read this if you are new and want to upgrade to brushless


Hi all
Over the last month I have gotten back into RC cars/trucks, mostly or my kids as I fly rc helis and gas aircraft.
I got the ruckus 2WD 1/10 stock from my LHS and was happy with it .....until I saw a brushless traxxas...

I went back to the LHS and got an upgrade set for 1/10, it was 4300 kv with 60a ESC. I thought great, went home installed all the gear very quickly as it was simple. I set the gear mesh perfectly as I'm used to choppers.

Went outside with my newly purchase 2S lipo...set the truck down, stepped back, smiled and pulled the trigger on the RX...

Instantly exploded the right drivetrain arm.... OK I though it must have been damaged due to the fun I was having with the stock brushed setup, got a spare installed it...walked outside....smiled ...pulled the trigger on the RX and again instantly exploded the right drivetrain arm...
Prepared to experiment, I imported (to New Zealand the HotRC rear drive train arms in metallic blue....)

I installed the arms and set the truck down and smiled, and pulled the trigger and instantly exploded the the plastic diff...hahahahahah.....

It did do a flip prior to that which gave me a little joy :)

OK, so now I was getting a little annoyed....

I went to the LHS and got the metal diff....

I installed this metal upgrade, set me car down and pulled the trigger..I was smiling a little less at this point... and pulled the trigger. I got half way through the pack doing heaps of wheel stands and some fast passes in my cul de sac which I loved... and then a dreaded rattle...oh f$%* I thought not the metal diff....

On inspection it was the wheel hub getting stripped out due to taking the wheels off so many times...and the nyloc nut coming loose.

I then got a new nut and wheel and used blue loctite... 2 speed runs later I stripped it out again.... I needed where did I come to... none other than the ECX forums...

The slipper is this I thought.... so if its too tight there is too much torque and it wrecks either the drive train or the wheel hex.

I loosened it to 2 an 1/4 turns out and now....

I am 3 packs in giving the truck absolute S$%T and am going strong. This is a great truck.. I only wish I had a little more experience with this gear or some friends who had been through the same scenario.

So friends :)
some advice when you make the switch to brushless with your exc 1/10 ruckus

Get some aluminium drive shafts
Get the Metal diff upgrade
Loosen your slipper clutch a lot.
Have a sh1t load of fun...
Ask if your are having trouble...someone on here will always answer.
Thank you to the people who have answered me in my quest for knowledge
Cheers from the Kiwi RC guy who needed help


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This is a point I try to make every time I reply to a relevant thread. Worse case, set it too loose, hear it whine, and slowly tighten it until it will just barely pull a wheelie if you line up right. Everything will last soo much longer.