1/18th scale

  1. D

    ECX TORMENT 1/18 running issues

    I recently decided to rebuild my old ECX torment 1/18 scale, bought it back in 2016. I purchased a new ESC/Receiver (SRX210 FHSS 2-Channel Receiver and ESC), battery and a Spektrum STX3 remote. The rest of the electronics are the original electronics, such as the motor and servo. However, once I...
  2. K

    Battery recommendation for 1/18 4wd Torment ?

    Hi, I am newbie to RC. Could you recommend a Nimh or Lipo battery for 1/18 4wd Torment ?
  3. Aero1987

    Ruckus monster truck 1/18

    Want to upgrade to a brushless motor and a new esc whatis the best to get for cheap
  4. R

    Low cost motor upgrade 1/18 ruckus torment

    Hey guys new here. Just wanted to share a little upgrade for your mini ruckus. Its a 20 turn 540 traxxas stinger. The stock esc handles it well and it gives the machine a lot more power for cheap. 25 bucks for the motor in canada. Try it out it wont disappoint.
  5. M

    ECX Ruckus, 1/18 scale - rear transmission double D striped

    All, recently bought an 1/18 Ruckus. On day 3, the right rear wheel was not spinning. After a full break down, found that one of the gears in the rear transmission had a double-d slot which had stripped out and was causing the screw to back off under any torque conditions. This effectively...
  6. C

    Roost vs Torment 1/18

    Pretty new to the ecx brand. Just bought a amp for son. Im wanting to get a 1/18 scale rc and been debating on the roost or torment. Is there a big difference between the two? Any idea roughly how fast the two go? I've seem some say around 15 mph up to around 20mph. Thanks
  7. WoodiE

    ECX Temper User Manuals and Parts List

    ECX Temper User Manuals ECX Temper 1/18th scale Also found on: RCDocuments.com
  8. Cubekid1315

    Fully modifying an 1/18 torment

    Recently got a 1/18 torment and was considering modifying it, and well go big or go home... How can I fully modify this thing, like best parts best motor, best everything? Can you guys help me out?
  9. A

    Roost only has power at front wheels

    I have a 1/18 roost it seem all the power is to the front wheels has anybody else had this issue ?
  10. P

    new to rc cars and would like advice

    Hi everyone im new to rc cars and was wondering how i could upgrade my 1/18 ecx ruckus to make it better so if anyone could help i would be very appreciative
  11. L

    1:18 4x4 Ruckus turning servo

    So my son was driving his ruckus and the steering pretty much stopped. When I picked it up I could hear the servo box making noise like it was running but no response from the wheels. When I manually turn the wheels I no longer hear the servo noise it's just silence with no resistance. Would...
  12. Erequena1959

    Wild 1/18 temper

    ok so I decided to get just a little wild with my TEMPER I'm going to be removing the brushed motor and go brushless 4800 kv going to try with stock pinion stock spur for testing then I'm going to try and find some bigger pinion gear I'm also will be running Traxxas gravedigger style tires I'll...
  13. D

    How fast is the ECX Roost?

  14. mikel81

    1:18 Ruckus Differential Problems and Upgrades Discussion

    As many come to find out, the diffs in the mini ruckus don't stand up to much hard use. Within a few runs of the stock nimh pack I already had a 2wd truck. I ordered a new one for a quick fix and went looking for an upgrade. I shimmed the new one and it lasted longer but it still rounded the...
  15. mikel81

    1:18 Ruckus steering servo upgrade

    I kept hearing how there was no servo that would fit the mini ruckus. So when mine finally fried I decided to go looking for something better that would work. I found a great servo that works with very little modification. I posted this on another forum but I figured it would be useful here...
  16. groove

    1/18th ECX Ruckus 4x4 Problem

    Hello i just bought a ECX Ruckus off of a friend and brought it home and tried it out for the first time today.I took the truck off road with some hills and got it a bit stuck and noticed only the rear wheels are spinning.I guess there something wrong up front somewhere,do you have any suggestions?
  17. WoodiE

    Rear bumper upgrade for 1/18th scale ECX Ruckus

    The guys at T-Bone Racing has released a rear bumper for the 1/18th scale ECX Ruckus monster truck. The ECX 1/18th Ruckus bumper from T-Bone Racing mounts under the chassis and allows the stock bumper to stay in place. In addition you can also add a wheelie bar to the new bumper for extra...