ball bearings

  1. T

    Quelx nouveaux roulement a bille pour le ruckus 4wd (What new ball bearing for ruckus 4wd)

    Pouvez vous donner la référence de meilleur roulement à bille pour le Ruckus merci d' avance (Can you give the reference of better ball bearing for the Ruckus thank you in advance)
  2. G

    wheel hex / bearing advice for new owner of 3wd.

    Hi all, was hoping that my first owner post would be a positive one but it is not to be. I bought a used 1/10 from ebay and its not in as 'good condition' as it was described.. I should have known better. I have not had chance to use it yet, preliminary checks have highlighted problems that need...
  3. Tamyosho

    Did your Amp MT RTR come with sealed bearing?

    IIRC when I built the Amp kit, and when I serviced my Ruckus 2WD brushless, the rear bearings were not sealed. I just bought an Amp RTR to make it into a cheap racing machine and the rear bearings are sealed. Just wondering if ECX changed this or if it's normal.
  4. R

    Idler gear bearing question

    Hi So I was trying to do the metal gear set for the amp. I could not get the bearings out of the plastic gear to use for the new metal one. Is the correct part number ECX1015? I only need one. I uploaded pics below Thanks all!
  5. i_r_beej

    Bearings for 1/24 Temper?

    Not turning up anything on the Internet for a bearing upgrade for the 1/24 Temper. Has anyone here replaced the stock bronze bushings with bearings? If so, did you make note of the sizes? Otherwise I suppose I'll just have to warm up the calipers and do it myself! :)
  6. i_r_beej

    Fast Eddy Bearing upgrade: ECX AMP

    I was the lucky winner of the ECX Forum drawing for a set of sealed bearings from Fast Eddy Bearings. Here's the promised review and installation! I initially requested the set for the ECX Boost, but I had forgotten that I'd upgraded my boost to RPM front spindle blocks and rear axle carriers...
  7. WoodiE

    GIVEAWAY: ECX Ball Bearing Kit from FastEddyBearings

    CONTEST OVER - @i_r_beej won the free bearing set! The stock bearings in most any RC kit usually leave a lot to be desired and the stock ECX bearings are no different. Thankfully FastEddyBearings has top quality bearing kits available for each of the ECX RC models and better yet, want to give...