1. KyleRC

    Thoughts on Revenge Type N?

    If anyone has any comments on the ECX Revenge type N I was thinking of buying one.
  2. HarleyRC

    Alternate Revenge body?

    All ECX Revenge bodies seem to be discontinued. Does anyone know alternate bodies that work for the Revenge?
  3. S

    new revenge esc wont hold a 4s!!

    I got a revenge because ECX is tuff against breaking, but only because they say 4s will work with ESC, just change the motor, not so anymore, they changed firmware to make it impossible to run a 4s with ESC, even if you change to the 1800 dynamite motor..kinda disappointed with this!!
  4. WoodiE

    ECX Revenge Buggy Manual

    ECX Revenge Buggy Manual ECX Revenge Buggy Manual