Thoughts on Revenge Type N?


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If anyone has any comments on the ECX Revenge type N I was thinking of buying one.
What info do you want to know about the Revenge @KyleRC? The ECX Revenge is actually a pretty capable nitro buggy.

Big squid also did a review on the Type E a while back and gave it a pretty decent review here, with minor upgrades they thought it would be a pretty bulletproof bashing buggy.
Good luck finding one. Pretty sure they are discontinued.
The Type N was but I was thinking there was parts interchangeable from the Type E - I could be mistaken though.

Likely true. I guess the OP could try to make a mix and match of the two if they were able to find a used Type N. Or, convert a Type E to nitro. Either way, not likely a straight line for this.
I like the look of the revenge I really want one. Keep us updated on how it goes.

Also: does it have a center differential?

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