2S or 3S better for ECX 1/10?

Steve g

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I dont think a stock ecx can run a 3s lipo. If it can, or if you change the esc and motor so it can, it might be wise to run 2s. When I got my 2 ecxs used, I only had 3s batteries so that is what I ran for over a year(on several different motors and escs) Many broken parts later I finally bought a 2s to try. Changed my pinion from a 16 to a 23, and was impressed. Thought the 2s would be a dog, but now it's what I mostly run in them. Its broken less and it's still really fast.
If this is your first rc vehicle, just run 2s.


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Agree with the above. I had been running 2S and I was excited to try 3S and now I save the 3s for last because I usually break things with it. 2S is a good spot for these vehicles (I'm running a 2WD Ruckus is Tazer 4000KV brushless).


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I do run 3s 5000 75c. Of course I spent about $500 in upgrade parts. (I live in the desert and it's a perfect desert Basher and it does hit speeds of 85 and 90 miles an hour and I have the sand for it.) Many broken parts to get it there! P.S. I onlypaid $10 for two complete trucks with all the batteries,chargers, electronics and transmitters lightly used. Aint yard sales great!!!! Torment 4 x 4 1/10


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Hey all, I have the ECX AMP, Torment and Ruckus to name a few all running Castle combos and Gen Ace 7000 mAh 3S LiPo's. Fast, oh yes, lots of wheelies, oh yes, many broken parts, a few, only if you run into a curb or tree ect. Point is, you control the speed of the vehicle, you are the one pulling the trigger, you don't have to go full trigger. I do agree that a newbie's best bet is to go with a 2S, but don't be afraid to experiment, upgrade, redesign ect., that's what the hobby is all about. One nice thing about Castle combos is you can program them for slower speeds. Also, some radios have an option to turn the throttle down so the vehicle will only go so fast. ECX vehicles are great trucks/cars for newbies to get started in the hobby, but they GREAT vehicle when upgraded or redesigned. Keep the hobby alive.

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