Driveshaft replacement for temper gen2- stock one broke


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Playing around today and snapped the front driveshaft of my (2 week old) temper gen2 in half. Want to get it fixed as soon as I can, but instead of buying the stock plastic ones it would be great to upgrade the driveshafts to something better anyway. Any suggestions, links would be amazing; thanks for helping a newb!


@Dante -- I'm in the same position as you. I was entertaining my kid by making the Temper 2 "dance" by rapidly alternating between forward then reverse. I know better, but it was glorious while it lasted. Then the front driveshaft snapped. I ordered the metal driveshaft for the ECX Barrage (part number ECX212021). It came in today and is clearly going to be stronger because it's bigger diameter and feels like it's got metal joints. There are three challenges with this replacement/upgrade:
  1. The ECX212021 is slightly longer than the Temper 2 driveshaft (ECX212013). I plan to cut off a few mm from the outside piece to make it fit. I hope to sand the cut edge smooth for better sliding action.
  2. The ECX212021 doesn't come with set screws. The one from the Temper 2's broken driveshaft is a much smaller size that clearly doesn't fit. I think the correct size is 3mm, but I don't have any to test out.
  3. The EC212021 seems to very slightly contact either the battery tray (front driveshaft) or the gearbox cover (rear driveshaft).
All of these are surmountable with a visit to a local hobby shop for a setscrew and a few minutes with a Dremel or other cutting tool.

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