ECX AMP buggy - no steering


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Purchased a ECX Amp buggy in early March, while driving it last week the steering just went out. No response to steering input at all. No clicking, buzzing, movement at all. Throttle still works. I replaced the batteries in the controller and put a fresh 2s pack in the car, nothing. Bought a new servo (left it outside the vehicle not hooked up to the linkage) and no change. Flipped the plug on the new servo to make sure it wasn't plugged in backwards (it didn't come with an alignment tab), no change. Checked the knobs on the controller to make sure the steering wasn't turned all the way down for some reason. Nothing is helping. Any suggestions, or is something with the ESC/control electronics probably fried? It was working just fine until it just wasn't. I was driving it around a dry parking lot, not wet grass or puddles, so I don't think water had anything to do with it.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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