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I picked up an ECX Outburst last week at my LHS.
It handles well and is very stable.
It is pretty slow though.
Well worth the asking price!

Welcome to the forum @KwkRide!

Definitely a small price for what is likely a fun RC. What kind of terrain are you able to drive it on? Just smooth pavement? Any mods planned? I have been looking at these as a cheap toy to grab soon and am interested in your opinion on them.
It runs fine on low pile carpet too.
I don't know how much you can do for mods. I'm thinking maybe a better battery.

What? There only $40? How cool is that? Would be sweet if you could put a fast brushless in it. Might have to grab one just because. Let us know if you figure out how to make it go faster
Here's a shot of it. It would be nice if there was a stand for them


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Here's a shot of it. It would be nice if there was a stand for them

Could always bend some wire, or metal rod, to look like one of these:


I think that would look pretty cool.
I had no idea this existed. Looks pretty fun if you have smooth tarmac. Hard to drive smooth?
I picked up two of these last week and they amaze me how stable they are. They are great for the price. I would like to get them a little faster though.

Any return of experience regarding 2s Lipo?
After reading some threads if I understood well, plug a 2 S lipo will create a risk to burn the gyro motor
The idea is then to install a 2S lipo only for the main board (to power the receiver, the Led's and the main motor) and to power the gyro motor only with 1S meaning to step down the main voltage to 3,7V for this gyro motor
Are my assumpations correct?
Can I power the complete system with a 2S lipo without burning the board, the main motors etc and insert a stepdown on the power circuit of the gyro motor

tks for your replies

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