Slipper Clutch- is it just me or do these seem to get to the too loose too quickly


as the title suggests, very annoying and not very easy to adjust for me as a novice. Anyone ever find any good instructional clips..... last time was even done at the shop .. grrr


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I don’t remember where I saw this but this is the method/trick I end up using. Position yourself behind the vehicle holding the controller. With your right hand hold the right rear wheel, left hand holds the transmitter, push down on the left rear wheel with the transmitter. Pull the trigger all the way for a second while holding the car in place. Ideally the front wheels should raise an inch or two. If they don’t go up at all the clutch is slipping too much and needs to be tightened. If it raises for than 2” it’s too tight and needs to be loosened. Make small adjustments to the clutch, 1/2 turn at most, and test again. This only works for 2wd vehicles. Hope this helps.

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