Tip for Custom Links w Losi Mini Ball Cups on ECX 1/24 Temper


The Losi Mini Ball Cups (Not the Losi Mini 8ight ones) are great for building custom links on your 1/24 ECX Temper Customs Builds/ Mods (with M2 or 2-56 threaded rod) because they can be used with the stock ECX ball ends that you already have.

The only problem is they’re a bit tight. An easy fix is to thread it into a little M2.5 coupler and then fit it into your Dremel. Install the ball end in the cup, hold the assembly, and spin the Dremel (short bursts!) until the joint moves freely. Be sure to apply pressure to the top of the rod end so the ball stays in securely.
See pic.

5115 27AE530F-2AAF-40B6-AA15-0C684C76C08F.jpeg
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