Down the rabbit hole

So, 2 weeks in, after my recent acquisition of a circuit 2wd and an Amp DB, we've had our first incident.
DS popped a shock, so first repair was needed.
We've also joined a local club, and while at the track, I was not happy with the steering on my circuit.
So, here we go, removing trying to figure out how the servo saver works, loosening it a bit, and in the process, replace all the philips screws i removed with hex.

But, obviously, that got me thinking. And here I am, a week later, waiting for stuff to arrive from the US.
I went the whole hog on the RPM stuff: front and rear arms, axle carriers, caster blocks. (thanks i_r_beej)
Also ordered the hot racing steering knuckles.
In for a penny, in for a pound, found more stuff in Germany to sort out my steering, off the shelves came the ECX alu servo saver, and some traxxas rods.

And I wasn't finished. Work was slow, I was bored, so I started browsing servos, and tyres.
Once again, following the excellent advice on the forum, I got a hi-tec servo on order and some pro line (hole shot) tyres...

Aren't I glad I followed WoodiE excellent post when I first joined and acquired a full tool box, a magnetic mat, a stand... all these are going to see a lot of use in the coming weeks.

Now, you're all reading this and nodding to yourselves"yep, seen that happen before, it was to be expected" but I know it's just the beginning. Cause when the boy sees how much better my car is, I'll have to re-do all these mods for him. What have I done!

PS: Obviously, I will report on how things are going, how much hair I've lost due to me being clue-less about installation, and how it eventually performs on the track.
And while I'm doing it, every bearing I find will get replaced by Fast eddie's best.
May this post be a warning to all beginners... or a handy list of threads to read avidly :)
Right, so this weekend, the first real upgrade was done.
Simple, but efficient, the switch from NiMh to LiPo made my truck sooo much faster my son is absolutely green with jealousy.
I was waiting for my lipo bags to arrive, because
1/ i want to be safe
2/ I want to set the right example for my boy

Practice run was interrupted when the low voltage alarm rang.
It was a false alert, I bashed the truck so much it had moved, and disconnected a bit, then reconnected, sounding the "start up" sound.
Oh well, it's now fixed in place with double sided tape.

More to follow sooon!