Down the rabbit hole

So, 2 weeks in, after my recent acquisition of a circuit 2wd and an Amp DB, we've had our first incident.
DS popped a shock, so first repair was needed.
We've also joined a local club, and while at the track, I was not happy with the steering on my circuit.
So, here we go, removing trying to figure out how the servo saver works, loosening it a bit, and in the process, replace all the philips screws i removed with hex.

But, obviously, that got me thinking. And here I am, a week later, waiting for stuff to arrive from the US.
I went the whole hog on the RPM stuff: front and rear arms, axle carriers, caster blocks. (thanks i_r_beej)
Also ordered the hot racing steering knuckles.
In for a penny, in for a pound, found more stuff in Germany to sort out my steering, off the shelves came the ECX alu servo saver, and some traxxas rods.

And I wasn't finished. Work was slow, I was bored, so I started browsing servos, and tyres.
Once again, following the excellent advice on the forum, I got a hi-tec servo on order and some pro line (hole shot) tyres...

Aren't I glad I followed WoodiE excellent post when I first joined and acquired a full tool box, a magnetic mat, a stand... all these are going to see a lot of use in the coming weeks.

Now, you're all reading this and nodding to yourselves"yep, seen that happen before, it was to be expected" but I know it's just the beginning. Cause when the boy sees how much better my car is, I'll have to re-do all these mods for him. What have I done!

PS: Obviously, I will report on how things are going, how much hair I've lost due to me being clue-less about installation, and how it eventually performs on the track.
And while I'm doing it, every bearing I find will get replaced by Fast eddie's best.
May this post be a warning to all beginners... or a handy list of threads to read avidly :)
Right, so this weekend, the first real upgrade was done.
Simple, but efficient, the switch from NiMh to LiPo made my truck sooo much faster my son is absolutely green with jealousy.
I was waiting for my lipo bags to arrive, because
1/ i want to be safe
2/ I want to set the right example for my boy

Practice run was interrupted when the low voltage alarm rang.
It was a false alert, I bashed the truck so much it had moved, and disconnected a bit, then reconnected, sounding the "start up" sound.
Oh well, it's now fixed in place with double sided tape.

More to follow sooon!
Now, the car steers so much better (well, I'd hope so)
well. Steered!
Because, I put off putting locktite on the shoulder screws "I want to ensure that it works fine first"
And then I forgot. And of course, I went bashing. And I lost the shoulder screws. And I have no spares.
So the car is immobilised and I'm now waiting for screws.

Side note:
The boy is so jealous, he badgered me into ordering him the upgraded servo saver. And since I am going to do that, I also ordered him all the RPM aftermarket pieces (no aluminium for him, unless he pays for them! Importing from the US is quite costly!)
So, stay tuned for the next pics.

Oh, and I've also ordered myself an alu front shock tower... the rabbit hole, I'm telling ya!
Front shock tower installed.
I've got the following waiting to be installed:
New receiver set (found a 4pls cheap 2nd hand) plus new hobbywing exrun combo.
Obviously, it means new metal gears, too.
Waiting for the steel driveshafts to arrive, and we should be good to go. Again.
This never ends...

In the meantime, my son's amp has had all the RPM aftermarket pieces installed. No more wobblies for him, he's delighted (until he sees how fast my upgraded car goes, obviously :|)