ECX AMP MT - New tires/wheels


Hello, hello and welcome to the forum. I'm an Amp guy, although I do have many brands. The Amp Mt is a fun truck to upgrade. There's many things you can do to it if you use your ingenuity. It's a novice truck but can be made into whatever you want. So I'm assuming you are a novices and have a stock Amp. If your looking to keep the expense down I would start with some bigger tires. That will give you a little more speed and be able to do some wheelies if your into that. With bigger tires your brushed motor will run a little hotter, so keep tabs on the motor. You can also go with a 2 cell Lipo battery, maybe 3000 mAh to keep the cost down. That will give more speed and longer run time. You mentioned you only have one hobby shop in town so they should be able to help you with minor upgrades. If your new to the hobby I would first learn how to drive and controll the truck and see if this is what you really want to spend your money on. It's a great hobby and relativity cheap for parts compared to other hobbies. There is are many other inexpensive upgrades you can do and a lot of help here on the forum. Many experience RC hobbyist here at all different ages. Below are some of the modifications that I have made on some of my RC's. Some of my mods I make myself.
Happy RC'ing.
so I have a question about all your bodies on the trucks... What are all them circular button looking pieces for?

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