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Servo upgrade or no?


New Member
Just spent way too long putting what was supposed to be an upgraded servo into my circuit and after installing it seems slower and less powerful. I first noticed that I could no longer turn the wheels with the car turned off. Well I can but with much force. Also the wheels don’t return to center.

I have heard good things about this servo, for the money, and the specs appear much better than the stock one so what do you think? Could it be the servo saver slipping? I have heard the servo savers on these circuits are quite loose but would that cause the steering to almost feel jammed?

Here is the servo:
DS3218 Pro


The new servo you got is super powerful and that is why it is had to turn the wheels, because of the gear reduction to the motor. I have a stock torment servo and it seems to be holding up for the time being, less power more speed.